OPPO A57 – Mid-Range Phone At Low-Range Price
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OPPO A57 – Mid-Range Phone At Low-Range Price

OPPO phones have been gaining popularity due to its reliability, affordability as well as sleek designs. It’s also known to produce phones that selfie-snappers love, and the OPPO A57 released earlier this year is exactly that.

Those who have already seen their F1 model known for its great selfie camera and flattering beauty mode would be happy to know that these same features are built into the OPPO A57, but at a cheaper price tag. Now let us examine the phone’s design and functions in detail:


While it is not as slim and sleek as the R9s, the OPPO A57 is still a respectable phone that looks elegant enough, considering that it comes at a low-range price of around $359. That’s about half the price of your mid-range iPhone like the iPhone SE.

In terms of design, the A57 is very similar to the Oppo F1s. It comes in a full metal unibody construction and fingerprint scanner on the front home button. It has a 5.2-inch HD display while the Oppo F1s has a 5.5-inch HD display. The screen is adequately bright but has a comparatively low resolution for a smartphone.

Users of OPPO phones would already know that their finger-print scanner is perhaps one of the best in the market – so sensitive you can be sure to unlock your phone immediately.

Battery Life

Noting the complaints of users of iPhone for its shorter-than-short battery life, OPPO has tried to ensure its phones come with adequate battery life for today’s heavy mobile phone users. While the F1 has a considerably impressive battery life that can reportedly be used up to 3 days without recharge, OPPO A57 is a little disappointing in this department. Many reviewers report over-heating issues, as well as short battery life that lasted at most, a full day.


 Probably its most-raved feature, let’s look at whether the camera lives up to its expectations.

The Oppo A57 is packed with 13MP lens for back camera and 16MP lens for front camera. Yea, that’s right. While most phones come with a better camera in its rear, this one has got a more powerful one in front for the obvious reason of taking better selfies. The back camera has a LED flash light while the front one uses screen flash light.

The Oppo A57’s 13MP rear camera offers an ultra HD shooting mode which is able to maximise the amount of light that enters and decrease the noise of the image.The camera works brilliantly in bright and medium light, but can get a little challenging in low light surroundings. You will need to keep very still and pictures may appear grainy.

The front camera of Oppo A57 has 16MP lens with large 1.2μm pixel and f/2.0 aperture size. The ability to allow for more light to enter means you can take a brighter and natural selfie even in low lights. Expect sharp Images and its Beauty Mode will ensure you a flattering selfie with a touch of airbrushing.

The interface of the camera is very easy to use, and the availability of various filter modes provide different colour schemes and styles.

Considering that it is a mid-range smart phone, Oppo A57 provides very good camera results. Details, colour accuracy, brightness and saturation of image is very well-balanced.


The Oppo A57 is a pretty capable phone that provides great value for its price. While its downside includes a weak battery life and a slower processor, it is good enough for mid-weight user who does not require a sophisticated phone for work or fast-processing. Its front camera is probably its biggest plus point, so if you love taking selfies and do not require a high-end phone, the OPPO A57 is the one for you.


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