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Mobile Top Up Now And Pay 30 Days Later

Most Singaporeans tend to buy a local pre-paid SIM card when they travel overseas since it is much cheaper than using their Singapore post-paid SIM in a foreign country. But for some working and living here, using a pre-paid SIM card has much more advantage to using a post-paid card. Mobile top up is  an important monthly expense in peoples live.

Using a pre-paid SIM card helps to save costs off the frills provided by a post-paid plan. There are no subscription fees, registration charges, bundled services that you do not use and no binding contracts that charge you a hefty penalty fee should you need to break the contract. In fact, depending on a person’s needs, using a pre-paid SIM card can help them save over hundreds of dollars a year compared to a post-paid plan.

As most Singaporeans subscribe to post-paid SIM plans, you’d find that most pre-paid users are foreigners who are working in Singapore, or perhaps students or old folks who may not use their cellphones are regularly as others. This is why Rely has decided to launch a new service to enable these groups of people to top up their SIM-card first and pay later.

How it works

This service by allows pre-paid SIM card users to top-up their cards for free within a 30-day period. This is to help those who may have run out of prepaid card credits and still need to use their phones to ensure they stay connected to their families and friends. The service allows them to top up now and pay 30 days later with absolutely no extra fees or interest charged to the user.

It is also extremely hassle-free, allowing users to top-up their cards entirely online with the following 3 steps. The one-time signing-up process should take you around 10 minutes. Be sure to have your NRIC and income documents ready as you’d need to submit it during the verification process. Subsequently, you can top up and pay 30 day later within a click of a button.


  1. Choose a mobile top up plan

Rely Mobile Top Up

Mobile Top up now and pay 30 days later. No additional fees. Build up your credit score when you pay on time

Click here to apply – Mobile Top Up

Key in your phone number in the first field. Under the Telco tab, click on the drop-down menu to choose your Telco.

Next, select the type of top-up option – ‘Balance” or “data”. You should be able to see the type of top-up card you have in the menu under “Top-up Amount”. Click on the “top-up now” button to go to the second step.


  1. Submit Supporting Documents for your Mobile Top Up

On the next page, you need to fill in your personal particulars, such as name, address and contact details. Check that the plan in the shopping cart is the one you have selected. Next, you will need to register for/login to your Rely account.

Before enjoying your top-up, you’ll see the total amount that will be deducted from your bank account after 30 days. Check that there is no processing fee, and that there is enough money in your account by the deduction date so that you do not incur the $2 late payment charges. You can make payments via bank transfer or Giro. We strongly advise our clients to use Giro since it ensures that you pay your bills on time as it is automated.

It is important to pay off the amount as soon as you can since that is a great sign of good credit standing. This will help us to provide more instalment opportunities in the future. This includes bigger ticket items that are listed on


Lastly, we’ll need to verify your identity with a clear photo of your NRIC as well as income document.


  1. Enjoy your Mobile Top Up

After the approval, you will receive an SMS notification from your telco about the successful top-up.


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