Frequently Asked Questions

About Rely

What is Rely?

Rely is a unique payment method that allows you to buy what you want today and pay in three or more payments, due every month. No interest or fees!

Please note. There may be a one-time processing fee charged if you opt for an extended payment plan.

Who can use Rely?

Rely is available to everyone who:

– Lives in Singapore

– Is a Singapore Citizen or Singapore PR

– Is at least 21 years old

– Has a source of income

– Has an locally issued debit card to make the purchase

Note: the service is currently not available for foreigners working in Singapore.

I want to shop! - How do I sign up?

While making a purchase
When you are making a purchase at one of your favourite stores found in the Stores Directory, choose Rely as your payment method at checkout. You will set up your account and complete your purchase.

Head to
You can sign up for an account prior to making a purchase. Once your account has been activated, you can start shopping at your favourite stores by choosing Rely as your payment method. You will be directed to login to your Rely account and Pay. It’s simple!

Is there a cost to pay with Rely?

Rely is a free to use across online stores when you pay in three payments, due monthly. No fees or interest charged.

Late fees applies only when you have not made the payment before the due date, you will incur a fixed late payment fee of for each late payment. (This fee may be from $5 to $40 dollars depending on your order amount)

No annual fees or other hidden fees. Yes you read it correctly (:

Please note. While most of our partnering stores offer a no fee or interest option, you may be charged a one-time processing fee if you opt for an extended payment plan.

Is my personal information secure with Rely?

Yes, all your personal information is encrypted and fully protected. We take security and privacy as seriously as you do. We do not sell your information to anyone. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

Pay Later with Rely

How do I use Rely?

We offer a payment service that allows shoppers to purchase an item today and pay in 3 or more payments, due every month.

Our online store
Start shopping on our online store. Shop a curated list of products from your favourite merchants like Zilingo, Zalora, Hipvan and many more. Choose Rely as your payment method at checkout. First-time shoppers provide their details to activate their Rely account, while existing users login to make their purchase. It’s simple!

Partner’s online stores
Shop with one favourites stores found in the Store Directory (coming soon) and choose Rely as your payment method at checkout. First-time shoppers provide their details to activate their Rely account, while existing users login to make their purchase. It’s simple!

When is my first payment due?

You will be required to make your first payment at the time of purchase.

If your purchase is $300 and payable in 3 payments of $100. The first payment of $100 has to be made at the time of purchase. The next payment is due the following month.

Made a $300 purchase on 16 February 2018.

Due now   $100
Due on 16 March 2018   $100
Due on 16 April 2018   $100

How much can I spend with Rely?

Once your account is activated, you will receive a limit of up to $1000. This is maximum amount you can spend using your Rely account.

When you spend, you use up your limit (limit decreases).
Limit: $800
Available limit: $800

Spend: $600

Available limit: $200

When you make payments on your due date, your limit is returned (limit increases)
Limit: $800
Available limit: $200

Paid: $200

Can I purchase from multiple merchants in one order on Rely's store?

You may only purchase from one merchant per order. (e.g your order only consist of items from Zalora Singapore) If you have multiple items from different merchants in an order, your payment will not be approved.


How do I make payments?

First Payment(deducted at time of purchase)
Your first payment for each transaction will be deducted automatically from your Mastercard or Visa debit card.

Subsequent Payments
You can make payment via PayNow or Bank Transfer. We currently do not accept debit card payment for Subsequent Payments.

Click here for payment instructions.

Can I pay early?

We love it when you pay us, whether it is on your due date or before. Paying us early before your payment due date helps you spend responsibly. There is no additional fees if you pay early.

My payment was not updated. What happen?

Payment via your own Bank Transfer or PayNow
If you made a bank transfer or PayNow transfer from your own bank account. (Account is under your name). There might be a slight delay on our end. Please wait for 1-2 working day for the payment to be reflected in your account.

Payment from other Bank Account
If you made payment from another bank account that is not your own. (e.g from your Husband’s bank account). Please send the receipt to

Will you send me payment reminder?

Rely will send you email and SMS text messages to remind you of upcoming payments

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