An Affordable Mid-Range Phone For Happy Snappers - OPPO R9s Review
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An Affordable Mid-Range Phone For Happy Snappers – OPPO R9s Review

Looking for a mid-range phone that takes great pictures and has battery-life that can last you for more than a night out? It’s maybe time to look beyond the pricey brand name of Apple and Samsung and give OPPO a chance to prove its value.

Referred to by as having an “Apple face with an Android booty”, the OPPO R9s is perhaps one of the best mid-range phones around without the hefty price tag. It comes with a solid build with a premium feel, yet is light on the palm at 145grams and an all-metal body that looks as good as its pricier counterparts.


Critics have focused on the lack of imagination when it comes to OPPO R9s’ design as it can be easily mistaken to be an iPhone. But seriously, with smartphones looking so similar these days with their large screens and metallic bodies, it doesn’t quite bother us how much it looks like Apple. In any case, isn’t it better to work with something you know that works, than try out new designs that may cause its downfall?

The Oppo R9s has a touch home button which doubles as a fingerprint sensor(not unlike many other smartphones), and offers a slight tremor when pressed. While other phones’ buttons may not be sensitive enough for some users, the Oppo R9s offers one of the fastest sensors which unlocks the phone instantly.

Battery & Performance

The long battery life is perhaps one of its greater strength, relieving those who hate to carry an extra charger/power bank in their bags/pockets a good alternative.  Other than that, you can also select various ways to optimise your battery life, not unlike those of a laptop.

When you do need to charge the R9s, you can take advantage of OPPO’s proprietary VOOC Fast Charging, which OPPO claims charges the phone from 0 to 75 percent in just thirty minutes. That’s a really impressive charge rate, which works great for those who relly live their lives around their cell phones.

In terms of performance, the R9s is considered a little lacking compared to its more powerful counterparts. For a day-to-day performance, it suffices but the chip used is a Snapdragon 625, so be prepared for it to lose out to faster chips such as the Snapdragon 820 and 821. If this is too much geek-talk for you, imagine its performance to be somewhere between a budget handset and a higher end Samsung S7.

Because of its lower performance capability, you can use it for simple daily usage such as web-browsing, photo-editing and writing, but less so for some heavy-gaming.


Those who dislike the fact that you can’t take great selfies with your iPhones due to its front camera might really like the OPPO R9s. Rather impressively, the Oppo R9s has a 16 megapixel rear and front-facing cameras. The primary camera features a customised 1/2.8 inch Sony-developed IMX398 sensor with an extra-wide F1.7 aperture for improved low-light photography, created exclusively for the R9s.

Selfie-snappers will be happy to know that Oppo R9s comes with an extremely flattering Beautify 4.0 software, which means you don’t need to add on layers of filters manually on one of those photo-editing apps.

Overall, the OPPO R9s is a good buy if you compare it to other mid-range phones, especially if you only need it for simple web-browsing and taking pictures without minding that it doesn’t have a top-of-the-range chip.


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