Shop and pay later without a credit card

Join as a member and enjoy a spending limit of up to $1000

Enjoy the flexibility to pay later with Rely

The best time to pay is when it’s right for you. Rely gives you the flexibility and control to shop and pay later. You can decide to pay off your purchase 30 days later without interest or split it into monthly payments.


Enjoy great membership benefits

FREE Membership. No annual fees

Up to $1000 spending limit

No credit card required

0% Installment plans on selected items

"Great Service! Useful for me as I do not have a credit card. Comes in handy to purchase my new gadgets"

- Haikal Omar -

UBER Driver

"It was very easy to apply. Really convenient for me to top up my prepaid balance. Thank you so much! Will recommend to my friend"

- Zack -


How it works

Buy from leading online stores, pay later with Rely

Use your spending limit to buy from trusted online store in Singapore


Join thousands of members who use Rely to shop and pay later without a credit card

Who is eligible to use Rely?

Any Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident age 21 years or older and has a monthly income source is eligible.

What is spending limit?

It is the maximum amount you can use to shop and pay later. Increase your limit by providing additional documents or making your repayments on time.

How long does the approval process take?

Once you receive your spending limit, your purchases are approved instantly. The initial setup will take 1 working day.

How to make payment?

You can make payment by setting up GIRO or via Bank Transfer.