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Digital convenience

Enjoy the flexibility to split your purchases into equal monthly payments with your Digital account.No need for tedious paperwork or branch visits!

No hidden fees

We’re committed to clear, transparent pricing. Never worry about extra costs buried in fine print.

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PayLater is simple with Rely. Checkout by logging into to your Rely account and split your payments over time. No card numbers to remember

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"It's awesome! Using Rely to pay is great way to get clothes fast and pay over time"


"It was very easy to apply. I have been getting my makeup fix using Rely. Really great! Best of all, there's no interest or fees. Great job!"


Buy now, pay later -- at your favourite stores

You don’t have to walk away empty handed! Get a Rely account to purchase what you need today and pay over time.

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Who is eligible to use Rely?

Any Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident age 21 years or older and has a monthly income source is eligible.

What is credit limit?

It is the maximum amount you can use to shop and PayLater. Increase your credit limit when you continuously repay your payments on time.

How long does the approval process take?

Once you receive your credit limit, your purchases are approved instantly. The initial setup will take 1 working day.

How to make payment?

You can make payment by setting up GIRO or via Bank Transfer.